Friday, October 15, 2010

My Diet Success! Energy, Ideal Weight, Drop in Cholesterol, Increased Immune System...all in less than a year

Hi all,

I'm very excited about my new diet with Dr. Panjak Naram. I saw Dr. Naram at Extreme Health in LA (a Peak Potentials Seminar). Get this:

I started the diet in late June and...

My cholesterol dropped from 248 to 163
My weight went from 131 to 124
My energy has increased.
Though I fly often and spend all day at seminars, I do not get sick anymore.
I feel lighter!

I'm very excited! I'm so glad that this seminar was the first I attended in the Peaks series, because after the first seminar (Millionaire Mind Intensive) in May, I was sick for weeks! I was even sick at Extreme Health. I don't get sick and I fly more now...isn't that amazing?!

I'm so excited!

If you're interested, I can tell you more about the diet. The main goal of it is to only eat foods that are easy to digest.  It's a big jump from the American diet... meat, no wheat (Dr. Naram suggests spelt as a substitute), no processed food, no fermented food (yup, no alcohol, no soy sauce, no miso, no kimchee, no yoghurt), no tomatos, no eggplant, no mushrooms, no okra, no plain potatos (sweet potatos are ok), no green bell peppers, no hot spice peppers (sweet peppers OK) (don't ask me why...I don't know why, I just know it works)...

...Eat green leafy veggies everyday, all vegetables are cooked (no raw salad), use warm spices like cumin, coriander, saffron, cinnamon, brown rice, quinoa, smaller beans that are easier to digest like mung beans (highly recommended), lentils, sweet potatos, avocado, fruit (has to be sweet, not sour), papaya is highly recommended, basically anything fresh that's not on the no list above.

...Tofu and cheese can be eaten on occasion. Cheese causes mucus build up so don't eat it when you have a cold.

Eat whenever you are hungry and eat as much as you want!


Monday, October 4, 2010

My Webpage from The Ultimate Internet Bootcamp - Pro Leg Exercise

Hi all!

I went to LA and worked on making a webpage that will make me $100K in a year as long as I work on it an hour a day. Please check it out, order the $1 guide, leave a comment and cheer me on. When I succeed I'll send you all there to do it too!


Here is a video of an interview of me about the website:

On the last day of the camp, it was my birthday. I actually sat right next to another woman, who I didn't know, but who had the same birthday!  We got to go on stage and everybody sang Happy Birthday to us =)

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