Monday, July 26, 2010

Tinman Triumph 7-25-10

Today I rocked the Tinman Triathlon! I am 11 minutes faster than last year with a 2:44!!!

2010: Age group 30-34 rank 11 (out of 23), Overall rank 332 (out of 583), Overall Time 2:44:36.0
Swim 9/246 15:20.2  T1  2:31.8  Bike 10/332 1:24:01.7  T2  0:49.5  Run 16/382 1:01:52.7

2009: Age group 30-34 rank 14 (out of 28), Overall rank 350 (out of 542), Overall Time 2:55:07.0
Swim 10/193 15:50.1  T1 8/132 2:38.2  Bike 16/394 1:30:13.8  T2 2/64 0:50.5  Run 16/383 1:05:34.2

This Tinman Triathlon meant a lot to me, because I almost didn't do it. I had committed to doing it at the beginning of the year, for Iron Man Triathlon prep training, and was backing out by making all kinds of excuses! However, I decided that I was not going to let myself back out of my commitments, so I signed up last minute and voila!
Happy to be on the Beach Ready to Swim!

I'm really grateful to all the people who worked hard to make the Tinman possible. It's so cool to bike without having to stop at traffic lights! The volunteers who gave us water and cheered us on were awesome. This was the 30th year anniversary and I was proud to be a part of it!

This is me at 4:40am ready to go!

Some of these videos are sideways, and I'm not sure how to flip them right side up!